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Welcome to the Next Level


We see your learning differently.  You can choose to just hold your position or you can reach for a better career opportunity, even in your present job.  

If you want to stand out and expand your future you have to expand your skils, expand your mind.  With over 200 ultrasound schools in the US alone, everyone's after your job. However specialized you might be, it’s not enough any more.  Learn how to achieve higher-value skills and habits, and reap the reward it makes.

We'll tie it all together for you like no one else because we’ve done it our special way for four decades.  You'll find yourself among friends with us:  We've worked with colleagues from the most remote rural clinics to Harvard and the White House.  Our classes are small and genial, and our post-course support never ends.

You can learn a protocol from a book or online but if you really want to know the what and the why, you'll get it right here with much more as well.  Clinicians routinely travel halfway around the world to learn with us for a reason.

If your share our passion for learning, join us in class.  We don't just want you to enroll-- we want you to succeed.

This year, after forty years of research we're proud to bring forth The Caring Course(TM) which will navigate you and your entire Team back to the career and workplace you deserve.  Join in the movement: click on its image at the bottom of this page.


Guest Comments

Very conducive for learning.  Setting extremely comfortable.  Pace is comfortable.  If there is an answer—one can always get questions answered.  Have gained considerable amount of confidence in performing and interpreting OB ultrasound. --Dr. Vanna Powell

Custom On-Site Workshops & Tutorials


Whatever we teach in our classroom we can teach on-site at yours.  This includes special advanced content in physics, physiology, and cardiovascular diagnosis not available in our public courses.  Give us your goals and we'll take you over the top of them.  For groups of any size, anywhere worldwide.  Tap into the same resource that Harvard Medical School, GE & Philips, St, Jude Children's Hospital, and hundreds of others have. View the FAQ's, and contact us to plan your goals.

Upcoming Events

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