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Hands-On and Interpretive Training since 1976 to over 48,000 professionals worldwide.

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Guest Comments

This seminar has been informative, interesting, and has given me the enthusiasm I needed to go back to my job and be excited about Echo again.  After 16 years in Echo I needed that.  Thanks for a great experience! --Linda Mazzoferro



We see your learning differently.

You can maintain your CME’s or you can reach for a better career opportunity.  There’s a clear difference between knowledge and knowing how to resolve problems, especially in cases of complex pathology.  If you want to expand your future you have to expand your skill.  With over 200 ultrasound schools in the US alone, everyone's after your job.  However specialized you might be, it’s not enough any more.  You have to know how everything affects everything else, because there’s not a place for the expert in just one field.  

Learn how to achieve higher value skills, habits, and objectives and reap the rewards it makes.

We'll tie it all together for you like now one else, because we’ve done it that way for four decades.  Our path has wound from the most remote and rural clinics on the planet all the way to the White House.  And there's a reason we continue to host an audience from around the world.

 Join us in class: We don't just want you to enroll-- we want you to succeed.

Custom On-Site Tutorials

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Whatever we teach in our classroom we can teach on-site at yours.  Give us your goals and we'll take you over the top of them.  For groups of any size, anywhere worldwide.  Tap into the same resource that Harvard Medical School, GE & Philips, St, Jude Children's Hospital, and hundreds of others have.  FAQ's